Artist Transforms Moms Expectant Bellies Into Beautiful Works Of Art

Bringing a new life into the world is always exciting for parents. Whether it’s their first child or another addition, a new baby is something to celebrate.

And one artist from Spain is helping women capture that joy in a beautiful and unique way.

Fatima Carrion Alfonso has worked as a body painter for over a decade, transforming human subjects into all kinds of incredible things, but she didn’t start working on pregnant canvases until she gave birth to her own daughter, Ainhoa, in 2015.

Since then, she’s been decorating moms-to-be with all kinds of images that capture their personalities, their wishes for their babies, and the special bond between mother and child.

Pregnancy photo shoots are all the rage, especially as more and more women are seeing pregnancy and motherhood as beautiful, empowering, and on their terms you know, how it should be! We’ve seen all kinds of crazy ideas, including expectant moms floating like magical mermaids underwater.

Check out Alfonso’s work below, and seehow these moms celebrated their pregnancies!

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Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

Fatima Carrion Alfonso is an artist, and has specialized in body painting for about 14 years.

But she didn’t think to use a pregnant belly as a canvas until she became a mom herself in 2015. After that, she wanted to extend her talents to other expecting moms.

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

She decided to offer her services to pregnant women in her area of Spain, where she lives, to give them something extra special for their maternity shoots.

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

So far, she’s painted 200 moms! And she has plenty more on the waiting list.

She works with the women to create a design that reflects their unique personalities and connections to their babies.

Many women, like the ones in the above photos, like images that capture the beauty of motherhood, family, and nature.

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

Others opt for a chance to show off their favorite things. It looks like this photo shoot had a whole Little Mermaid theme!

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

Others go a more direct route, and show off exactly what’s going on inside.

Imagine having your portrait painted before you’re even born!

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

This mom chose a playful “sonogram” image.

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

Some just prefer something small, sweet, and to the point.

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

Still other women want something that reflects a more spiritual side of themselves and their role as mothers.

But of course, it’s all up to the mom.

“Every mother is different and has her own taste, hobby, and stories to tell,” Alfonso says.

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

And although she’ll paint a belly at any stage of pregnancy, she does suggest that the sixth to eighth month is the best time to become a painting.

Many women like to come in during their second or third month, though, and use the paintings as a form of birth announcements for their families and friends.

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

Alfonso also uses only water-based, non-toxic paints to keep both moms and babies safe and healthy.

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

Alfonso also says that the process of painting tends to relax most of the moms, which relaxes the babies in turn.

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

She also says that the babies often kick during the process, which is her favorite part of the process!

Fatima Carrion Alfonso, via CATERS

And of course, Alfonso has used herself as a canvas, too!

What do you think of this take on the maternity photo shoot?

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