Deaf Baby Is Astonished When Shes Given The Gift Of Hearing

When youre a baby, hearing your mothers voice is one of the most soothing sounds for your soul. If you are a deaf baby, seeing your mothers face and feeling her touch is also just as powerful. Yet, how amazing would it be if it were possible to give your baby the gift of having all of his or her senses?

This incredible miracle happened for 3-month-old baby Annabelle Lawrence, who was born deaf but was given the gift of hearing when she was fitted with two hearing aids for the first time.

While Annabelle was given the gift of hearing, not all deaf children get the chance to hear, but weve seen them thrive, and its incredible to watch, such as the inspiringdeaf-blind baby who is off to a good start surrounded by her loving family.

In a heartfelt video that will bring you to tears, her mother Sarah Jo, from Boise, ID, asks her daughter if she can hear her voice and its the best reaction any parent would want from their child.

Her expression is priceless and her response to hearing a clapping sound for the first time brings out instincts she never had before.

To be able to tell Annabelle that I love her is very emotional, Sarah Jo explained to the U.K.s Daily Mail.

When Mom asks “Can you hear me?” the baby’sface answers that question in the cutest way possible!

For now, Annabelle’s hearing aids are temporary and enable her to hear sufficiently as the auditory nerve in her brain is functioning perfectly, the Daily Mail points out. For long-term hearing, she will have cochlear implants put in when she is 9months old.


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