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Los Angeles Surrogate Agency: About Us

Los Angeles Surrogate Agency is a premium surrogacy agency devoted to building families by matching loving surrogate mothers to waiting intended parents both here in the United States and internationally. When you work with Los Angeles Surrogate Agency, you’ll have our staff’s years of combined experience in surrogacy, fertility, and online services behind you every step of the way. Whether you come to us as intended parents ready to build the family you’ve always dreamed of or as a surrogate mother eager to help give the gift of life and the joy of a child to a deserving couple, we’ll be here to support you through every step of the process.

Since day one, our team has been working with passion to connect potential surrogate mothers with the right agency.

Our approach is to guide you through this challenging process, and to date, surrogates around Los Angeles speak about the quality of our unique services. These voices also testify that we conduct business with the highest levels of service and excellence in the industry.

We realize that besides the effectiveness of our service, there are three basic pillars that support this enterprise:


We believe it’s our unique experience in navigating this process that allows our team to provide the best resources, support and information to maximize the overall chances for success.


We believe that service, recruitment and matching for the fertility industry should adhere to rigorous gold standards, offering you our depth of experience and close relations with agencies around Los Angeles.


Our privacy program and surrogate screening and evaluation practices are of unmatched quality, with a focus on minimizing risk for both our surrogate mothers and our intended parents throughout the process. Our team has the skill-set to handle challenges and resolve difficulties.

Whether you are an intended parent or potential gestational surrogate, we would love to answer any questions you may have! Simply call us at (310) 599-9640 or contact us and we will get back to you within one business day!

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