Become a Surrogate Mother in Anaheim CA

If you’re thinking of becoming a surrogate mother in Anaheim CA you probably have many questions. It’s best to think through every aspect of surrogacy before you agree to become a surrogate mother. This article talks about the key points that you should consider, as well as what specific qualifications are needed in order for you start the surrogate mother application process.

Why do women become a surrogate mother?

There are numerous advantages to becoming a surrogate mother.  The primary benefit will be a unique and fulfilling experience of goodwill. The act of surrogacy is a selfless act that helps those less fortunate – due to problems in conceiving or carrying a baby – to realize their dream of parenthood. Becoming a parent is a deep-rooted dream for many people. Surrogates give people hope that they can one day raise a family of their own.  Because of this, the bond that is created between a surrogate mother and the parents-to-be is an extraordinary one. Many surrogates say how magical the experience is and how wonderful they feel about helping others.

To a surrogate mother, the financial benefits are an advantage as well. When you become a surrogate mother in Anaheim CA, you are supported in many ways. The surrogates we deal with can earn up to $50,000 over the course of the experience. Surrogate mothers receive compensation, medical coverage, living expenses, travel expenses, plus more! For women who like being pregnant the financial rewards can be very appealing. Many of our surrogates are stay-at-home mothers with young children, who can earn money and contribute to their family income.

What conditions are needed to become a Surrogate Mother in Anaheim CA?

Not all women are eligible to become a surrogate mother in Anaheim CA. As you can imagine, there are certain requirements that must be meet. Our commitment to our surrogates as well as our intended parents is not taken lightly.  Therefore we carefully screen ad match all surrogate applications. If you want to become a surrogate mother in Anaheim CA you must pass through a variety of screening processes.

For example, the preliminary qualifications include:

  • You must be weight and height balanced, with a BMI of 32 or less.
  • You must be willing to include the intended parents in the pregnancy.
  • You must be between the age of 21 and 39.
  • You must have an honest desire to help fulfill someone’s dream of becoming a father or mother.
  • You must be a non-drinker, non-smoker, and not a drug user.
  • You must have had at least one healthy delivery and pregnancy.
  • You cannot have a criminal record.
  • You must be physically and mentally healthy and have the support of your significant other.
  • You must live in Anaheim CA (and be a US Citizen or have a Green Card).
  • You must be self-sufficient and not reliant on your surrogacy payment as a source of income.

We Have the Expertise to Find You a Perfect Match

If you work with us as a gestational surrogate, we will thoroughly interview and screen you. If you are a suitable candidate to become a surrogate mother, the next step is to carefully match you with right intended parents.  We take our matching process extremely seriously. We will devote the time to get to know you and ensure that an ideal match is created.

For example, when matching, we believe that it’s important for surrogacy teams to have similar values. The teams we put together usually want a similar amount of contact and support throughout the journey. We have numerous successful matches under our belt, and know that attentively matching surrogates with intended parents is the key to a smooth and effective journey between both parties.

Support is Offered Every Step of the Way

Once you decide to become a surrogate mother in Anaheim CA, your life will surely change. There are many things that will need to be put in place. But don’t worry, we’ll help you reach agreements on a variety of decisions that may crop up and we’ll help you make sure that all legal documents are finalized, so that everyone is protected and knows exactly what’s expected from each other.

We also manage all the financial agreements, so there is no issue about when or how you’ll receive your financial support. And of course, a number of milestones and medical consultations are expected of you. We will also help you track your appointments and help you become organized, so they are easy to deal with.

If after reading this, you want to become a surrogate mother in Anaheim CA and are ready to take the first step, it’s best to talk over this idea with your significant other. If they are on board with your decision, please fill in our online application, so we can arrange an initial interview and get to know you better. We will contact you quickly after you submit your online application to answer all of your questions, as well as ask you a few more in-depth questions about your past pregnancies and general health. To get started simply fill in the brief application form provided.

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