Mom Shares The Heartwarming Journey Of Adopting A Baby With A Hearing Impairment

For any couple, there’s nothing like the moment they realize that they’re going to become parents, whether it’s though pregnancy, surrogacy, or adoption. Nowadays, there are so many ways to become a parent, but it doesn’t take away from the joy of discovering thats a long-time wish is about to come true.

Many moms and dads often feel God’s call to adopt, even if they have biological children of their own, and several at that! That was the case of Jen Avellaneda and her husband, who already had four children and were looking to add to their family. They fostered several children, but all were adopted with a few months.

That’s when they felt the needto adopt a 3 1/2-month baby girl. Over the course of several months, they underwent the grueling adoption process. They already loved her as if she were their own.

Then doctors revealed the unthinkable after a year of tests: their little girl, whom they named Nicole, was growing deaf. There was a chance that she could become 100 percent deaf after a few years.

But that didn’t stop the Avellanedas from taking on the challenge. They made the stunning decision to go through with the process, and officially and legally make Nicole a part of their of their family. But when you see Nicole, nine years after her adoption, you’ll be amazed!

Watch the clip to see what fate had in store for Nicole and hew news parents and siblings…


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