Welp, this woman just gave birth on Facebook Live

This article contains graphic content and may be NSFW.

All of us, in one way or another, were born. Some of us came quietly, others kicking and screaming. A couple of our dads filmed the whole thing on a camcorder or iPhone. But none of us were born on Facebook Live.

Until now.


Expectant father Fakamalo Kihe Eiki filmed the delivery in several stages, from early contractions to what seem to be the final pushes, noting that he wasmissing an important court date to see the birth in person.


Comments from friends were supportive, ranging from “Absolutely beautiful” to “You can do it, PUSSSSH” to “MAZEL TOV.” Eiki, for his part, seems happy: “Thanks guys for enjoying the gift of life with me… lol come celebrate next weekend bbq if in area,” he wrote.

Is this the beginning of a world in which people are visible on social media from the very beginning of life to the bitter end? Probably, yeah. Enjoy!

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