These 22 Parents Are So Pumped That School Is Finally Back In Session

All school year long, kids everywhere anticipate the last day of classes. Parents, on the other hand, couldn’t be less thrilled.

It’s officially back-to-school time and all across the country you can hear the ceremonious clinking of wine glasses. As if being a parent wasn’t hard enough during the school year, there’s even more stress associated with kids and summertime. For all the working parents, when your eight hours of free daycare are over, deciding how the little ones will be entertained for the next three months can be a bit of an issue.

So now that your children have maxed out your credit cards with back-to-school shopping, you don’t have to bottle up your feelings about them returning to classes. Let it all out like these moms and dads have! These 22 exhausted parents aren’t afraid to tell you how they really feel about sending their children back to school.

1. This mom can finally take that dance class now that school is back in session.

2. The question ALL the parents are asking.

3. You can sleep all the other hours.

4. Now I’m no angel, but I’ve certainly earned my wings.

5. When you run out of fairy dust…

6. Cheers to the end of summer.


7. Back to school is the new Christmas — but less fun.


8. They save those commercials for Halloween.

9. Back-to-school shopping: a new form of birth control.

10. Scavenger hunts are meant to be fun. School shopping? Not so much.

11. The lesser of two evils.

12. “If I stop feeding you, will you stop growing?”

13. Christmas Eve with significantly less gift wrap.


14. “You’re somebody else’s problem now.”

15. Let your feelings out, girls.

16. When you put crayons and notebooks above your child’s well-being, thank goodness it’s school time.

17. This mom is just plain evil.

18. “You’re going to first grade whether you like it or not.”

19. A school cafeteria really is more like a war zone.

20. We all have things we don’t want to do.

21. This is a mom after my own heart.

22. Now the real vacation begins.

Make sure to include lots of vino on your back-to-school shopping lists and enjoy every kid-free moment of the school year!

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