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Nutrition 101 For Gestational Surrogate Moms

A Guide On Nutrition For Gestational Surrogate Moms

A genuinely healthy and well-balanced way of life as a gestational surrogate can’t be complete without a strong focus on nutrition. Make the most of the recommendations given in this article and you will find yourself on the path to a significantly healthier and happier life as a gestational surrogate mom.

For starters, learn the best ways to balance your diet so that you enjoy the best in nutrition. When planning meals and snacks, adhere to a certain ratio regarding the nutrients you ingest. About half of what you eat should be carbs, then one-quarter protein and one-quarter fat. Keep in mind that, as a surrogate mother, you are not eating just for yourself, but also for the baby you are carrying, so you must eat with caution and nutrition in mind.

It is advisable for gestational surrogate moms to eat several small meals daily. Five or six smaller portions spaced out throughout the course of a day will render better digestive function and keep weight down. Managing your weight as a gestational surrogate mom can help prevent hypertension, diabetes, and other ailments. Frequent eating reduces your appetite, thus lessening your urge to overeat.

If you are putting together a diet plan for complete nutrition as a gestational surrogate, make sure you incorporate breakfast. After your body has gone without food for the entire night, it needs the first meal of the day to provide you and the baby you are supporting with energy.

There are powerful vitamins to balance your mood as a gestational surrogate mom. Vitamin B6 is a great example, as it fights off depression by keeping serotonin levels steady. To enhance your mood during your surrogate journey, consider foods like asparagus, wheat germ, and chicken breast, all of which have substantial levels of Vitamin B6. It’s generally a smart idea to get the suggested daily allowance of B6, particularly during the cold winter months.

As a surrogate mother, integrate fiber into your meal plan. Fiber supports weight control by curbing your appetite. Acting as nature’s broom, fiber sweeps out cholesterol, thus preventing heart problems and other illnesses like certain types of cancer.

Make healthy food switches like eating baked goods instead of fried foods. As a gestational surrogate mother, you should minimize your intake of unhealthy oils. Baked or steamed foods contain less oils and fats as compared to fried foods. You will feel more energetic if you consume high-quality baked foods every day.

A commitment to healthy eating habits will ensure complete nutrition as a gestational surrogate mom—nutrition that both you and the baby you are carrying will enjoy.