Little Girl Tells Her Mom The Sweetest Thing After Meeting Her Baby Brother

Being a big sister is an important responsibility. The big sister has to show their younger sibling the right path. They will look to her for guidance their entire life. She can even save her sibling’s life, just like this quick-thinking little girl.

Taylor Black is 4 years old and a new big sis. There are some children who aren’t excited to be big siblings. They’d much rather be an only child or the baby of their family. But not Taylor! She is in absolute awe of her little brother when she first meets him. But, she has a bone to pick with her mother.

Her mom thinks the new baby has her nose, but Taylor disagrees. She thinks he has her nose! She tells her mom that he “has everything of me!” She thinks the little guy looks just like her, with the same nose and face. She gets so emotional, she doesn’t start crying but instead starts singing a little tune. She is very happy that her brother makes the Blacks a family of four.

Watch the video below to see Taylor’s heartwarming reaction. I just love it when kids are sweet like this!

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