Brother and Sister Trolled for ‘Making a Baby Together’ Have Science On Their Side

A brother and sister recently announced plans to make a baby together.

The story of Samuel and Bronte Leighton-Dore was presented by many mediaoutlets in an extraordinary way and, had you seen these alone, you might have believed the siblings were in an incestuous, broody relationship.

But here’s the deal: at no point will the pair be mingling their own DNA. Samuel is gay and wants children with his long-term partner. So Bronte offered her eggs, which will be implanted into a surrogate and impregnated by Samuel’s boyfriend. Easy peasy.





 Brother and Sister Trolled for 'Making a Baby Together' Have Science On Their Side

Brother and Sister Trolled for ‘Making a Baby Together’ Have Science On Their Side


But Samuel and Bronte are no fools – indeed, they are quite revolutionary, for they acknowledge the power of genetics. By using his sister’s eggs to have a child, Samuel is simply trying to keep things in the family.

Families matter, genetics matter. And that’s something that’s been forgotten over the last decade, as anonymous egg and sperm donation have soared in popularity.

Medical experts understand fertility treatment better than ever before, yet the public remains in the dark about the biological aspect of human development.

Many seem to think that, like organs, sperm and eggs can be easily transported into a new home afresh. But each carries a whole injection of personality from its creator.

I blame socialists for the rise in this nurturist thinking; they’ve peddled the idea that babies are a blank slate that can be shaped into anything depending on their environment.

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