Adorable Baby Gets Photobombed By His Future Self In Hilarious Photo

A dad was walking up and down the huge aisles of his local Costco when he noticed something rather strange in the distance. When he finally realized what he was looking at, it must have been quite the shock, but this man knew what to do in order to prove what he was saying was actually happening.

He snapped the photo, and Reddit userA_OBCD8663uploaded a picture that would go as viral as Chewbacca Mom! And though it might take a few seconds to notice, when you see it, you won’t be able to stop smiling either!

It seems as if this little boy knows exactly how to control time, but unlike in Back to the Future, he won’t need a fancy car or mad scientist to figure out the way back. He’ll just need to find an old Costco store to wait in for the moment his past-self walks by with his dad.

Please check out the hilarious little picture below, and you’ll see how time travel hasfinallybeen proven!


Dad was shopping at his local Costco and enjoying the nice air-conditioning when he looked up and saw something pretty spooky! He quickly got out his camera and managed to capture a photobomb for the ages!

A photobomb is when you think you’re taking a regular picture, but something crazy happens behind the initial subject that ends up being more interesting or funny!

While the man in this photo is certainly nice, that big whale tells a much more interesting story!

And this proposal photo is cute and all, but there’s something hilarious about the alpaca’s interest in the camera!

Or this viral hit. Mom was taking maternity photos when Dad decided to make a joke that people couldn’t help but share!

But when Dad saw someone photobombing his baby, he knew he had to snap a photo as quickly as possible. That’s because it seems as if this one photo proves that time travel isn’t only possible, but it’s already happening!

And instead of having to drive 88 mph, it seems all he had to do was take a trip to his local Costco. Hopefully his Costco membership stayed updated, though!

“I guess I know what my son will look like in 70 years…” Dad said.

See the man in green sitting behind him? We never knew it was possible to photobomb yourself, but it seems like if you have the technology for time travel, you can definitely do it!

Hopefully,Dad ended up talking to this guy or at least getting his information, because this silly moment is going viral, and the whole family will certainly cherish this memory for generations to come.

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