7-Year-Old Jumps To Action When He Sees A Toddler Facedown In A Pool

All parents know that it’s extremely important to keep an eye on your kids at all times, but this doesn’t stop accidents from happening, on more than one occasion. Even the most vigilant parents have seen it happen: the one time you turn around for a minute or so, your child slips out of sight.

That’s what happened to the parents of one 2-year-old, who had no idea that their child had slipped away. The toddler somehow found a way to squeeze through the bars of the gate to a community pool.

He then fell into the water and, not knowing how to swim, found himself splashing, struggling to stay afloat.

Seven-year-old Cesar was walking past the pool, on his way to play video games at his cousin’s house, when he saw splashing and waving arms in the pool. He saw the toddler facedown in the water, and quickly moved to pull him out, thinking that he was going to die.

Though the baby was heavy for Cesar to carry out, he is the reason why the parents of the 2-year-old can breathe a sigh of relief!

Cesar then found an adult, who was able to call first responders, who were able to treat and attend to the child.

Heis thankfully expected to make a full recovery.

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